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November 23, 2022

Warframe Previews The New Wolf-Like Frame And New Missions Coming In Lua’s Prey

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Warframe will be getting a badass new ‘Frame in the form of the wolf-like Voruna when its Lua’s Prey update arrives next week. Voruna is not only a skilled hunter, she also leads a pack of wolves ready to do her bidding and take down their prey.

“A deadly hunter stalks deserted Orokin halls on Lua, Tenno, howling with uncontrollable rage. The Worm Queen has sent her forces to investigate and trap the predator for good. Discover the secrets residing on Lua for yourself with new Conjunction Survival Missions, a new Warframe, new Weapons and more! Voruna, the wolf-inspired Warframe is ready to pounce in Lua’s Prey!”

You’ll be able to earn her component blueprints by completing the new Conjunction Survival mission nodes that will be introduced with the update. The new missions will take place in Lua and will task players with keeping life support towers running by collecting life support capsules dropped by Thrax mobs. You’ll need to have completed The War Within to be able to take on the new missions which gives you only one week to finish the expansion if you haven’t done so already.

Alternatively, the new ‘Frame can also be purchased from the cash shop along with her signature weapons and cosmetics as part of The Pack’s Heart bundle. Other bundles included in the update are the Void Armament Bundle III, the Golden Mend Collection, and several other limited-time bundles.

Lua’s Prey launches on all platforms on November 30th. More information about Voruna and the update’s contents will be released as we move closer to launch day.

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