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June 23, 2022

Star Trek Online’s Stormall Update Officially Arrives On Consoles

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After almost two months of waiting, Star Trek Online console players finally get to jump in to the new Stormfall update’s contents. Stormfall continues the Terran Gambit narrative arc and introduces two new episodes: Blue Shift and The Calling. The update also introduces a revamped Starfleet tutorial, overhauls the “Forged in Fire” Task Force Operation and kicks off the Heart of the Storm event.

“Finally, you can oppose the Terran Empire in the updated, screen accurate map of Deep Space Nine, with brand new cutscenes, enemies, and boss mechanics. You can play all of that, and more, in the Heart of the Storm event, to unlock a powerful new ground set based around Mirror Kuumaarke. And if you're brand new or just want to see it all again, the 2409-era Federation Tutorial has received a long needed update, adding more depth, better environments and cutscenes, more streamlined content and interactions with Admiral Janeway herself, as well as Aron Eisenberg as Captain Nog.”

You’ll find the full console patch notes on the Star Trek Online official site. You can also check out the Stormfall launch trailer right after the jump.

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