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January 24, 2023

Sandbox Interactive Announces Albion Online Asian Servers Opening This March

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Sandbox Interactive is looking to bolster the Albion Online playerbase with players from the east with the opening of an Asian server this March. Prior to the server’s launch, the studio will be running a three-week beta to ensure that everything is working as it should.

The closed beta test will run from February 20th to March 12th and will begin complete with its own guild season. “Compete with other guilds and players for unique rewards, including new custom guild logos for the top 5 guilds, permanent statues in the open world for the top 3 guilds, and personal furniture items for ranking high enough in PvE Fame, Gathering Fame, or total Silver earned. Beta Guild Season rewards will persist after the full server launch on March 20, 2023.

Players residing in Asia will still be able to play on the western servers should they choose to do so, although using the new Asian server should significantly improve their connection speeds and event times. Access to the new server will be free as with all existing servers, with the option to purchase a VIP subscription for added perks.

In preparation for the Asian server’s opening, Sandbox has started selling founder packs which are available in four tiers starting at $29.95 for the Bronze Pack, all the way up to $199.95 for the Crystal Pack. All tiers will come with varying amounts of premium time and gold, and will include access to the closed beta and head start period. More information on the contents of each pack can be found on the Albion Online official site.

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