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June 22, 2022

Raft Transitions To Full Release With New Destinations, A Reworked Storyline, And More

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Swedish indie studio Redbeet Interactive has slowly been introducing new features and content in Raft since it launched into Early Access in May 2018. After a little over four years in Early Access, the water-logged post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game has finally made the jump to full release with its Version 1.0 update, a.k.a. The Final Chapter.

“With this update, we are happy to announce that we are leaving Early Access, as we consider Raft to no longer be in need of that title. We have looked forward to this day for many years and at this point we just cannot wait to see all the Let’s Plays, streams and to simply hear what you think of it!”

The massive update introduces several new destinations to explore including the sunken skyscrapers of Varuna Point, the snow-covered lands of Temperance, and a surprise destination where players will face the so-called “Final Challenge.” The game’s storyline has also been overhauled to follow a continuous narrative that fits in with the newly-added zones along with voice acting for all story notes found across the sunken post-apocalyptic world.

New characters, enemies, and items have also been added as well as the new trading posts, vending machines, and a cooking system that allows players to craft an assortment of food and drinks that grant different buffs.

“It is our most ambitious update ever. It is our BIGGEST update ever. There are new destinations, new enemies, more items, voice acting, new characters, trading and so much more. It is the culmination of more than five years of development and the grand finale to the Raft story line. It is The Final Chapter, and it is ready to be played.”

To celebrate the game’s official launch, Redbeet is offering the game at 15% off on Steam from now until July 8th after which the price will go back up to $19.99. You can check out the full update notes on the Raft Steam page as well as the official update trailer below for more info.

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