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November 24, 2022

Fallout 76 grants a video sneak peek at Season 11’s Nuka-World-themed SCOREboard cosmetics

What if there were a place with all the zip of Nuka-Cola? Wouldn’t that be the cheer-cheer-cheeriest place in all the world? Well that place is coming to Fallout 76 in December as readers well know, and that also means the new SCOREboard season is coming dressed up in all kinds of Nuka-World livery.

Season 11 will introduce a host of Nuka-Cola goodies including weapon and armor skins, outfits, a new ally, and a whole bunch of CAMP items dressed up in the wasteland’s most popular soft drink. As before, some of these items are unique to Fallout 1st subscribers including the newly added ammo box, though there are quite a large assortment of goodies for free players as well. And naturally, they all meet the minimum acceptable safety standard.

Nuka-World On Tour and the associated Season 11 arrives on December 6th, but the video is available right now after the cut.

Provided courtesy of massivelyop.com

Article written by 9CloudsHigh
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