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November 24, 2022

Elder Scrolls Online Might Be Headed To Morrowind In Its Next Year-Long Narrative

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An eagle-eyed Elder Scrolls Online player has spotted what could be a clue as to where ZeniMax will be taking players in its next year-long saga. Secret dialogue between players and the NPC Mel Adrys in the ongoing Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration event hints at Morrowind being the likely candidate as the setting for next year’s narrative.

Normally, the NPC responds to players with talk about hunting the Gray Host but, according to

The YouTuber also says that Lady Laurent mentions the Telvanni region at the end of the High Isle chapter questline and that several NPCs also mentioned the Telvanni peninsula in their dialogue. You can check out his speculations on the matter in the video right down below.

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